Many people diagnosed with CVID have few lifestyle modifications they need to make.

Starting treatment is very important and needs to routine of life to ensure best health. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced diet, regular or routine exercise and proper sleep. A healthy immune system requires these key ingredients to run at its best and therefore all the more important to incorporate for people with CVID. Since CVID mainly affects protective antibodies, the other parts of the immune system in many cases will continue to maintain normal healthy and therefore preserving this immune function is very important in CVID.

Supplement and vitamins can help support the immune system, however, these additions should always he discussed with your allergist/immunologist first.

Replacement of Vitamin D may be a good addition medication if Vitamin D levels are low and should be checked as part of routine follow-up.

Many people with CVID find it helpful to reduce stress or find strategies to help eliminate the negative effects of stress on all aspects of life such as sleep, relationships and health. The immune system is just part of the human body that suffers from the negative effects of stress.

Meditation practice, exercise and making time for enjoyable activities are just some of the ways to combat the negative effects of stress.

There are support groups and patient based online advocacy groups that provide ways for individuals and families living with CVID to connect with others persons and families with CVID as well.

The most important lifestyle change is understanding, knowing and starting treatment and maintaining regular follow-up with a specialist who treats CVID. Living with CVID requires these steps as well as staying in-tune with personal needs and limitations to achieve maximum health with CVID diagnosis.